Walnut Canyon National Monument

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Date of Visit: Monday November 9th, 2015

Attractions/Places of Interest:

Another 40 miles of driving North to Walnut Canyon National Monument gave our feet some time to relax, and then it was time to explore another unique geological feature. Walnut Canyon is full of ancient pueblos, or homes of early inhabitants. You get to explore the area as you walk along the trail that loops around the rock formations. The cliff dwellings were interesting to witness and learn their history, but what I found more intriguing is how perfect the name suits this place. The rock walls that make up the canyon really look like giant walnuts! In my opinion this is another one of those areas that while interesting, I would only stop by here if you have spare time or it falls along your path between major locations like it did for us. If you don’t care much for the dwellings, you can get the general idea from the top view of the canyon and can skip the trail that loops around.

Walnut Canyon National Monument
Walnut Canyon National Monument – Flagstaff, AZ

Photo and Travel Gear:

Lens choice: Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 and optionally Tokina 11-16 f/2.8. You can definitely take your telephoto to get some close up/detail shots of the walnut-shaped formations as you look around the canyon – something I didn’t think of. Since you are shooting from within a canyon that is likely to be in shade with a bright sky above it, I would also recommend a graduated ND filter if you own one. I made do without it and instead relied on pushing the Nikon D600’s dynamic range in Lightroom.

Walnut Canyon National MonumentWalnut Canyon National Monument – Flagstaff, AZ